We are developing a community engagement strategy for an innovative ocean alkalinity enhancement project in St Ives, Cornwall



Lestari is supporting Planetary Technologies, an award winning carbon dioxide removal company, to develop a bespoke plan for engaging communities at the Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE) research trial site in St. Ives, Cornwall. This endeavour is part of a larger, comprehensive long-term social science framework for action.

Learn more about ocean alkalinity enhancement and Planetary’s scientific approach.


This will involve creating opportunities for community representatives of various stakeholder groups to share their voices, establishing a forum for open dialogue, and running workshops to co-develop a long term social science and outreach framework. 


The primary aim is to foster positive societal appraisal; to ensure that interactions with local communities and the public involved in the coastal scientific trials are carried out ethically with authenticity and transparency, they are well informed, and opportunities are offered for active participation and continuous dialogue about the scientific process and its implications.

This strategic and collaborative approach is crucial as it pertains to the progression of Planetary’s important carbon dioxide removal research. The intention is to ensure that all aspects of the project, from its initial planning stages to the on-site implementation and beyond, proceed seamlessly and efficiently with broad community support and input