April 2019 – March 2020

Nature Connect:
Community-based nature advocacy

North Sulawesi, Indonesia

A nine month programme designed to develop community cohesion and nature attentiveness amongst family groups.

Community-based nature advocacy

Through regular immersive outdoor experiences grounded in behaviour change science and best practice, a story of connection was co-created, bringing families closer to nature and to each other. Discovering the narratives flowing through the natural world, local families engaged in sustainable livelihood practices, fostering deepened relationships and a sense of interdependence. Social diffusion encouraged families to spread their lessons, to cultivate a culture of care through a normative, transformational journey.

The project worked with two village communities to nurture nature-based advocacy and pro-environmental behaviours within family groups in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Through a programme of immersive and experiential activities, participants connected with the natural world as well as developed skills and a culture of care through conservation activity.

Participants attended
Months of programme delivery
“By following this activity, parents who were previously busy with work finally have time with their family. Becoming closer to the family, we also realize the potential of our children. The programme helped the community become more grateful for the benefits of nature and the wildlife within it.”
Karundeng – Sitompul
Participant from Pinangunian Village