2013 – 2015

Local Ambassador project

North Sulawesi, Indonesia

A strategic campaign to foster pride in local wildlife, involving community, local government partners, and the North Sulawesi Arts and Culture Foundation.

Local ambassador project


Working together with local communities, government partners, and the North Sulawesi Arts and Culture Foundation, a strategic multi-year campaign was developed to foster pride in the local area and wildlife. A variety of ambassadors were empowered to amplify a message of nature conservation aimed to reduce hunting, trading, and consumption of endangered species. These included community leaders, police, village heads and youth, prominent government figures, religious leaders and local celebrities.

Project Strategy

We utilised a social diffusion and norm-based approach to empower local role models as part of a broad-scale wildlife pride campaign based on the international Rare Campaigns, grounded in Community Based Social Marketing methods. Capacity building encouraged a sense of agency and responsibility in wildlife protection, including the transformative Yaki Youth Camp rolled out across four strategic locations.


We demonstrated knowledge and attitude shifts in all ambassadors, in parallel to attitudinal and behaviour changes across categories of local community members surveyed in the campaign areas. Flagship species becomes local icon.

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Local Youth Ambassadors
Community members reached
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"The programme, after its first year, has seen improvements in communication between the key stakeholders, a great increase in knowledge about threats and the best way to help, and establishment of projects to do so. By protecting the forests and educating the next generation, programmes like this bring hope to these wild areas.”
Michael Rahamis
Teacher, Bitung High School