art and agency

Exploring creative responses to eco-anxiety through a series of guided sessions hosted by Art and Energy in Exeter in collaboration with the University of Exeter funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

art and agency


This project brings together social science concerning environmental narratives of eco-anxiety, efficacy and agency into collaboration with creative methods of engagement on issues concerning the climate and ecological emergency within Exeter through the work of Art and Energy

Specifically, the project develop a theory of change informing individual and collective action on issues relating to the climate and ecological emergency. Moving beyond an ‘information-deficit’ view of action on climate change, toward the development of affective agency, the project created spaces for listening to public concerns often cited as ‘eco-anxiety’ and seek to strengthen individual and group efficacy. In so doing, this project will shape understandings of public discourse on climate breakdown, and the associated opportunities for supporting propensity for pro-environmental behaviours within Exeter.

Working alongside Professor Stewart Barr and Dr Lewis Winks, Art and Energy – hosted at Positive Light Projects in Exeter – facilitated a series of eight fortnightly workshops (between Feb-April 2023) exploring creative responses to the climate and ecological emergency.

There has been lots of laughing, crafting and big makes using the Positive Lights Studio as a lab to look explore energy issues that affect everyone. Art and Energy CIC along with a range of other artists in the Positive Lights space delivered the program in partnership with Exeter Community Energy (ECOE), to bring about fun, friendship and positive action in the face of huge challenges.


Eco-Anxiety Rapid Review – May 2023 (pdf)

Eco Anxiety Project Presentation – November 2023 (pdf)