Our principles guide our work.

Read about what motivates us.

Research in Practice

Research informs our work, and enables us to offer best-practice within the environmental and social sciences. 

In our work, we make use of a variety of behaviour change and advocacy approaches to produce high-quality work based on best-practices, to suit a variety of purposes. In an age of mass-information and big-data, offering tangible and easy to understand guidance based on research is essential for individuals and organisations wishing to create effective campaigns and strategies.

We are driven by a desire to motivate action for a better world. 

We recognise that in order to create the scale of changes necessary to transform our society, we must develop democratic citizenship and establish an ethical basis for living. We understand that significant gaps exist between knowledge, values and actions, and that consumer choice alone will not solve our problems. Motivating action on a variety of scales, and developing effective leadership is therefore a core principle.

Authentic Action

Natural Connection

We seek to find ways to bring people into a closer and deeper connection with the natural world. 

We recognise the increasing distance between ourselves and other species and seek to reconcile this through our work. We acknowledge that an idealistic view of the environment is not always helpful and work to nurture a critical hope to empower decision makers and practitioners to create solutions. We aim to inspire a love for the natural world, and for our place within it; developing a sense of belonging, empathy and understanding through nature connection.

A transition to a sustainable society is essential if we are to avert the worst environmental and social crises. 

We believe that individuals, organisations and communities hold the power to transform the world through committed action and leadership. Our work facilitates the change and transformation of places of work, communities and society. We work with NGO’s, universities, governments and businesses to develop strategies for change and to implement them in practice.

Systemic Transformation

Diverse Perspectives

We understand that no one perspective holds all of the answers. 

In our search for a more just and sustainable society, we must listen to many voices and concerns. It is important that we make space for a diverse set of approaches in our work. We value a wide range of methodologies and welcome a plurality of cultural references. Additionally, we understand that privileged voices dominate many agendas, and as such, we will seek out ways to include marginalised communities and individuals.